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Harbor Song Art Gallery is located in the quaint town of Friday Harbor, Washington. Friday Harbor is a beautiful location on San Juan Island in the northern sector of the Puget Sound. The town is a delightful ferry ride from Anacortes, Washington just 90 miles north of Seattle.

Dedicated to art collectors, we are a unique gallery with a big heart.  Gallery owners and artists Tom and Mary Garrels invite you to join them when you "walk about" the town. In addition to their own creations, Harbor Song offers custom picture framing and unique furnishings for your home or office.  

Tom and Mary Garrels are devoted to their creativity.  Their Gallery at Friday Harbor is the connection which links their art creations with the world.  They both have dedicated their lives to be artists and consequently their art creations are in several public and private collections worldwide.  Their artistic versatility has made it possible for numerous commissioned artworks which they have created individually or together throughout the span of their careers.   The two believe their art studies never end and they consider their studios to be akin to a laboratory, a place where they continuously expand their forte as artists. 

​Tom and Mary have simplified their life as artists by representing their work exclusively in their gallery.  They aspire to be with their craft for the remainder of their lives.  They decided on the magnificence of the Pacific Northwest and the splendor of the San Juan Islands to provide them with the serene inspiration necessary for their profession.

"We are a fine art gallery dedicated to the unique and extraordinary.  No project or commission is too small or large, we will create art to fill your living room walls to your entry halls.   We will bring our creations to your home for you to see, our only requirement is little wine and cheese.  Or, you can send us photos of your rooms and walls and we will create your special dream"  

​                                                                         Tom and Mary Garrels